Monday, October 13, 2008


The economy has turned, pieces of on my own world have turned, and now the weather has followed this head-over-heels tumbling act.

After two hard frosts, it was time to turn the garden under, ending the abundance of summer, and preparing for cool season crops like leeks and lettuce. A couple of weeks ago I took down a massive bunch of bolted arugula from where I had hung it to dry. In the driveway outside my studio I sat and separated seeds from pods. It was warm then. No 10% Dow drops, no news yet about reeling world banks.

This weekend, after composting the last frost-wilted tomato plant, and feeling quite sorry for myself and overwhelmed with the world, I saw bits of green arugula peaking up through the river rock, in hard-packed earth, in between the stones and our feet, and despite all impossibilities.

They wink at me: Your turn.

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