Monday, October 6, 2008


My poor neglected blog...I have had several delightful distractions, and after a couple of weeks with family, and a weekend in Portland, I am now ready to tackle the monstrous piles of to-dos and to-files and to-do-not-forgets that seem to be interbreeding on my workbench. I must, sorrowfully, admit that I have nothing new to share with my metalwork, but I've posted two pictures from my rainy visit to Portland.
The above shot is a detail of Allan Houser's bronze sculpture Desert Harvest at the Portland Art Museum 's sculpture garden, and the image below looks into the Zig Zag Bridge (yatsuhashi) at the Portland Japanese Garden.

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Lindsay said...

Did you visit the Rose Garden in Portland? I went for the first time when I was there two weeks ago and loved it! What else did you do in Portland?