Sunday, December 28, 2008

mosaic memories

Hooray for a holiday weekend! I finally feel caught up with work and moving preparations. After unearthing my desk from piles of cardboard boxes and packing tape, I found myself, sitting, with metal and saw in hand.

These earrings have lived as a sketch since my trip to Italy. It was amazing to witness the abundance of history, buildings built on ruins of other buildings, and beautiful bits of mosaic and tile that peek out from layers of time (certainly a study in the futility of physical attachment). I was especially drawn to a section of tile (see the image below) tucked away in a room of illuminated manuscripts inside the Duomo di Sienna, which is famous for its mosaic floors representing the sibyls and stories from the Old Testament.

Starting with a one inch recycled sterling silver circle, I’ve repeated the crescent shape, with smaller cuts to represent tiles. An extra long ear wire allows the piece to swing one and a half inches away from the ear.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Naturals of Ashland is hosting a promotion this weekend, one of my handmade recycled sterling silver Small Lunar Necklaces with every $200 or more purchase! Check out the homepage with banner here.

In other news, it has been a busy few weeks. I've been happily learning new techniques, soldering and casting, and am feeling a little more comfortable with the idea of introducing a flaming piece of equipment into my workbench lineup. However, hunting for my very own torch will have to wait until spring, as Pell and I are relocating from Oregon to the Midwest!

In January.

(Yes. I know. We’re renting a truck and driving across the mountains at the same time of year when, those who can, pack their suitcases and travel south. Our parents are trying hard to be supportive.)

Our days are filled now with sorting through bits of papers and randomness accumulated from four and a half years in one state, searching for jobs, and hunting out a new home to flyaway to…