Monday, April 14, 2008

sustainable surprises

Truly, it is the thought that counts, but I must admit that presentation is everything for gifts. While each brendesign piece arrives ready to give in a recycled paper box with hemp knot, I have searched for a sustainable gift wrap option for those extra special occasions, and found a solution in furoshiki, a Japanese fabric wrap technique that was traditionally used to contain clothing during bathing at a public bath house.

I put my fibers background to work, using low-impact dyes to color heavy silk charmeuse, a fabric with a shiny satin front and crepe back that results in a beautiful, reusable wrap for perfect presentation. Look for this gift wrap option on my etsy site soon, or, make one yourself. For a step by step tutorial that details some fantastic folding click here (I’m using the otsuka tsutsumi wrap with the extra flap folded over the knot) and imagine the wrapping possibilities.

Look out Christo and Jeanne-Claude!


pell said...

It's a good thing the packages aren't too big!$! Looks great!

yellowplumbeads said...

Wow-great idea! And thanks for the tutorial!

bren said...

Thank you, pell and yellowplum!

LeDonna said...

I love it,
the idea is so connected to You!!
lots of love,