Monday, February 18, 2008

spring circles

Today, spring line sheets are on the to-do, so I'm sharing a sneak peak of a few new pieces I'll have up at etsy and (hopefully) in a few shops in the next couple of months. Circles still dominate my designs. I love circles! Big and round and complete, they are the perfect symbol to attach to our struggling selves as we search for the whole within us.

The Full Moon series (above) is just that, full, round recycled sterling silver circles with a feel-good reflective brushed surface.
A bit of texture is added to the brushed silver in the Sewn series, with a recycled 14k gold wire stitched in an arc across the piece. I'm thinking about adding another element, maybe a gold or oxidized silver disk, so that the gold 'thread' holds the two pieces together...

The Dream series adds dimension to the circle theme, with flat recycled sterling silver circles hand hammered into bowls, oxidized, and edges buffed to a shine, leaving smoky centers.


Writer said...

First things first, nice presentation and colors of your blog.
Secondly, watching the Lunar eclipse last evening brought me back to these pieces pictured here of the brushed silver in the Sewn series. The smoky centers of the hammered bowls appeared during the full eclipse in that orange/brown hue. Not what you had in mind at the time, surely, yet interesting how your designs here played themselves out, for me watching the colors and phases of the eclipse.
Hope you got the chance to see it.
Keep it going, B.

bren mcintosh duvall said...

Thanks for reading, RP. Yes, the eclipse was beautiful. I was on a walk last night, and our whole side of town seemed to have migrated out on their lawns to stare into the sky—and every person I walked by said, “Have you seen the eclipse?!” Community is what happens during simple shared experiences…B