Monday, January 28, 2008

welcome to stories from a small studio

Stories included in this little blog will follow my obsessive quest of building an eco-conscious small business from nothing more than a pile of recycled metal bits and Mondays off. I'll also post about all things handmade.

Handmade is an important word. I believe in this crazy world where Mass Production dictates our daily bread, cars, wars, loves, that we need space to remember that we can all create something good with our hands and hearts. This may be an earring, or a painting, a poem, a cup of soup, cookies, or a boat, a coat, a book, a garden...

I believe this process empowers us, and people who are empowered make positive choices and changes, simply by participating.


pell said...

Looks great!

LeDonna said...

I am so happy to have another way to connect with you! I enjoyed the story on knitting and am excited about the "slow movement". It is past time for the world to slow down and act with positive deliberation.